Art Auction

Our art auction is over, thank you for your support!

On November 4-14,  2018, The Friends of the Medfield Public Library hosted an online Children’s Illustrators Art Auction. The theme of the auction is peace, kindness, and respect for all people and the art reflects this message through the eyes of the illustrators. These beautiful sketches, prints, and watercolors were on display at our library on October 28, 2018. Listed below are the amazing illustrators who have generously donated their work. Click on an illustrator below to see photos and detailed description of his/her item(s) available on the auction.

Posters, Book,...

Mike Blanc

Pencil Sketch

Alexandra Boiger

Pencil Studies

Don Brown

Framed Photographic Prints

Rod Brown


Yangsook Choi

Pen & Ink Drawing

Matt Davies


Angela Dominguez

Digital Prints, Pencil Sketches,...

Anita DuFalla

Digital Print

Laura Freeman


Rebecca Gibbon

Pencil Drawing

E. B. Goodale

Mounted Pencil Sketch

Stephanie Graegin

Digital Print

Wendy Grieb

Pencil Sketch

Shawn Harris

Numbered Print

John Hendrix

Digital Prints

Jess Hong

Numbered Print

Stacy Innerst


Renee Kurilla


Betsy Lewin

Digital Prints

Stevie Lewis

Digital Print

Loren Long

Digital Print

Antoinette Portis

Pencil Sketch

Jennifer Reinhardt

Art Prints

Ann Shen

Watercolor, drawings, illustration,...

Peter Sís

Art posters

Chris Soenpiet


Kristina Swarner

Watercolors, Books...

Tricia Tusa

Framed illustration

Rowboat Watkins


Rosemary Wells


Sharon Wooding


Eugene Yelchin

Digital Print

Keith Zoo