"A Fantastical Historical Fiction Novel For All Ages"

Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster

by Jonathan Auxier

Get swept away into the world of Nan Sparrow, the stories of her Sweep, and the discovery of Charlie, a magical creature made of soot and ash. Set in 19th century London, when even young children were forced into hard labor, this book has the makings of a modern classic and offers valuable lessons, both moral and historical. Although written primarily for middle grade children, this story can be appreciated and loved by adults too. While the subject matter can be tough at times, it is interwoven with simple goodness and joy. A magical bag and promises kept. Pillow fights and first snow. A creature who is filled with innocence and curiosity. Friendship. Love. This book is one you’ll always remember as “unputdownable.”

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Reviewed by Bernadette