Medfield Library Makerspace Blog – Let’s Talk About Making!

Published 04/10/18

Make One Of These and Call Me In The Morning

Welcome back to the Medfield Library Makerspace Blog!  This time, instead of talking about what we’re making over here, I want to talk about what you’re making over there. Or maybe I want to talk about what you’re not making.  Hey, why aren’t you making anything?!? Is it because you don’t have the tools or supplies and you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on something you might not end up enjoying that much?  Or maybe you’re not sure you’ve got the time? I get it.  I have a tendency to get overexcited about a new idea and shop my little heart out and then five years later, while cleaning out the closet, I discover a bag filled with hand-dyed alpaca wool, knitting needles still in the wrapper and one million sequins…So, yeah.  Don’t do that.  But don’t let it stop you, either. I know you’ve got Creative Juices and if you don’t let them flow, you’re putting yourself at dangerously high risk for Crankiness.  Creative expression really does help relieve stress. (I promise. Go ahead and Google it.) So, even if you’re holding back because you’re just not sure what you want to make, we may have just what the doctor ordered!

(Can you blame me? Alpacas are the cutest!)

We have a lot of stuff here for you to play with. And all you have to do is come to the Medfield Library, make your way down to the basement, say “Hey” at the desk then step approximately four feet to your left and into The Makerspace! I feel it’s important to publish a list of everything we’ve got in there because last week this guy walked in, looked around and then fainted.  When he came to he was like, “Whoa.  I just didn’t understand before, but now…so many options…” and then he passed out again.  Turns out he hadn’t eaten yet that day, but still, I don’t want anyone else hurting themselves so be sure to read through the following list very carefully before you come to The Makerspace for the first time, or at least have a sandwich.

Wow! Look what happens when you Google “felt sandwich”…you can make one of these here, by the way. We have everything you need.



-Two Lulzbot 3-D printers

-Two Mac computers loaded with the full Adobe Design Suite including Photoshop and InDesign

-Silhouette Vinyl Cutter (and tons of vinyl colors to choose from)

-VHS to DVD transfer station

-Heavy Duty Sewing Machine and all the notions you need to complete your project including thread, scissors, needles, etc. and rotary cutters and cutting mats, an iron and an ironing board.  We also have a large selection of fabric that you are welcome to use.

– Embroidery hoops, needles, embroidery thread

-Needle felting needles, foam, finger guards and wool roving

-Crochet hooks and knitting needles of various sizes

-Knifty Knitter Looms

-Two small rigid heddle looms

-Lots of yarn!

-Jewelry making findings and pliers

-Screen printing screens, squeegees and ink

We also have supplies that will appeal to a younger crowd.  You have to be 15 years old to use the space on your own but parents and caregivers are welcome to bring the kiddos.

-Perler Beads

-Origami Paper

-Patterned Duct Tape

-Button Maker with blank templates & colored pencils, plus a great supply of old magazines to cut up

-Craft Oven for use with:

-Polymer Clay

-Shrinky Dinks

Mother-Daughter Button Making

Mother-Son Shrinky Dinks!

Proud Little Makers!

Still not quite sure what to do or how to get started?  Come by on a Monday or Wednesday from 3-5 p.m. or a Thursday from 4-6 p.m. and I (or the fabulous Matt, 3-D Printer Guru and all around good guy) will be in the Makerspace, ready to help and answer your questions.  If those times don’t work for you, drop me a line at and we can set up an appointment.

Still not ready? How about taking a class? We offer workshops at the library on Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings. Check out our events page for a complete listing.  Still not ready?  Fine.  You’ve left me no choice.  Doctor’s Orders: GET MAKING!

Sorry.  Just kidding.  But seriously. Get Making.

See you in The Makerspace!

♥, Bri


P.S. No Alpaca or Library Patrons were harmed during the writing of this blog post.