"What Are the Fates of Unfinished Books?"

Library of the Unwritten

by A.J. Hackwith

Claire Hadley is the Head Librarian of Hell’s “Unwritten Wing,” in charge of keeping an endless supply of conceived-of but never written novels under close watch. When a book takes the form of one of its characters and escapes to earth, Claire – accompanied by her assistant, a failed muse named Brevity, and a teenage demon who may be more than he appears – must travel back to the world of the living to find it before the worst can happen.  What begins as a simple errand turns into a mystery that extends beyond realms and holds the fates of Heaven, Hell, and earth in the balance. 

The Library of the Unwritten is the first book of Hell’s library and is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys books about books, diverse and colorful characters and a rich, detailed world building. 

Library of the Unwritten can be listened to on Overdrive here 

Reviewed by Athena