The library will be closed Monday, April 15 for Patriots' Day

Facility Use Policy

1. Overview

1.1 The vision of the Memorial Public Library is to be Medfield’s 21st century meeting house. The Library is a gathering place that brings our community together. Our mission is to educate and entertain people of all ages by connecting them to information and offering cultural opportunities. We strive to provide welcoming, convenient and responsive personal service.

1.2 The Trustees of the Memorial Public Library reaffirm the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights which states that facilities should be made available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliation of individuals or groups requesting their use.

1.3 This policy is designed to make our spaces available to the public in a fair and equitable basis. Adhering to our policies helps keep costs down and makes the Library a pleasant place for all.

1.4 Use of the Library rooms and spaces by any group or individual signifies acceptance of the terms of this policy.

2. Service Priority

2.1 The reserved use of space will be determined on the basis of the following service priority:
a. Library programs
b. Organizations supporting the Library, e.g. Board of Library Trustees, Friends of the Library, Library Trust Fund Board of Trustees
c. Departments of the Town of Medfield
d. Local nonprofit educational, cultural, civic, or social organizations and groups, and individuals
e. Medfield for-profit groups, e.g. businesses, individual practitioners.

2.2 The Library staff shall have the right to cancel, reschedule or transfer room locations or dates that conflict with Library sponsored programs and will give as much notice as possible

2.3 In an effort to make the spaces available to as many different groups and individuals in the community as possible, the Library may limit the number of times a group or individual may schedule to use a space each month.

3. Eligibility

3.1 Any individual who lives or works in Medfield.

3.2 Any organization, business, or group that is located in, serves or has a substantial connection to the Medfield community is eligible if the organization’s representative lives or works in Medfield.

3.3 As part of our academic mission, we welcome tutors and their students. Donations to the Library Gift Fund are greatly appreciated.

3.4 We do not allow partisan fundraising activities, political candidate promotional events or religious worship services during the Library’s operating hours. The purpose may not be a private social function or to further a commercial interest during the Library’s operating hours.

3.5 Notwithstanding section 3.4, individual artists, musicians, and authors may sell their works. Fundraising for the Library may occur.

3.6 The Library reserves the right to revoke or refuse permission to use a space if the nature of the scheduled activity is deemed to be physically inappropriate for the character of the room or disruptive to regular library functions.

3.7 There is no charge for use of the rooms, but donations to the Library Gift Fund are greatly appreciated.

4. Facility Description

Closed Rooms:

4.1 Meeting Room 23’x28′ (Lower Level) – Capacity 45 with 2 Exits.
There are two supporting posts in the room. Audiovisual facilities for this space include: a 40” monitor, 70” square pull-down projection screen and a 44” square white board. There are 10 tables 30”x60” and 57 chairs. Kitchen facilities are adjacent.

4.2 Children’s Program Room 20’x16’ (Upper Level) – Capacity 20.
Contains three child height tables, 18 stools, 19 seat pads, 10’x14’ carpet and side counter with wet sink.

4.3 Conference Room 10’x13’ (Lower Level) – Capacity 3-10.
Contains one 34”x96”conference table. The table seats 8. There are 2 extra chairs, and 45” square white board.

4.4 Study Rooms (Lower Level) – 3 Rooms, Each with Capacity 1-2.
Each has a built-in counter with two chairs.

Open Spaces:

4.5 Dailey Room 29’x32’ (Main Level) – Capacity 65 with 2 Exits
Contains two library tables measuring 4’x9’ with 12 chairs and a baby grand piano and some soft seating. The local history, classics, literature, art and music collections are located in this room; therefore access must be available for the public at all times. This is designated as quiet space unless permission to engage in noisy activities is granted.

4.6 Periodical Room 15’by31’ (Main Level) – Capacity 35
Contains a table measuring 35’ x 6’ with 8 chairs, as well as some soft seating. The periodical, graphic novel, travel and oversized collections are located in this room, therefore access must be available for the public at all times. This is designated as quiet space unless permission to engage in noisy activities is granted.

4.7 Teen Lounge Area (Lower Level)
Contains two small sofas and an ottoman. This space is exclusively for teens after school weekdays, on the weekends and during school vacations.

4.8 Teen Study Area (Lower Level)
Contains three tables measuring 2.5’ x 5’ with a total of 14 chairs and a whiteboard. This space is exclusively for teens after school on weekdays, on the weekends and during school vacations.

4.9 Conference Table (Main Level)
Contains one table measuring 3’ x 4’ with 4 chairs. This is not a quiet space. Meetings and tutoring are permitted.

4.10 Children’s (Upper Level)
Contains four tables measuring 60’ by 32’ with 4 chairs each and some soft seating. This is not a quiet space. Meetings and tutoring are permitted.

5. Availability

5.1 The rooms are available during the Library’s normal hours of operation.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday, Thursday: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Saturday (School Year): 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Saturday (Summer Hours): 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • Sunday (School Year): 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

5.2 All events, including setup and cleanup must be completed with the times listed.

5.3 Library rooms will not be available for use in the event that the building is closed due to emergency conditions or inclement weather. Library staff will do their best to contact the person responsible for the group’s reservation.

5.4 Use of the facility after hours may be arranged at the discretions of the Library Director or Library Trustees. An hourly fee of $50 will be charged to provide qualified staff. Library services will not be available to attendees.

5.5 The groups should not disrupt normal library activities when entering and exiting the spaces.

6. Booking Procedures

6.1 Reservations may be made in person or over the telephone with the Reference staff.

6.2 Payment of the fee and a signed agreement, if they are applicable, and confirmation indicated in the reservation system are needed for a reservation to be confirmed.

6.3 Reservation may be made up to 3 months in advance.

6.4 Please notify the Library of any cancellations so we might free the space for other groups and answer questions if attendees arrive for a cancelled event.

6.5 Tables and soft seating are available on a first come first serve basis and may not be reserved.

6.6 Reservations for the study rooms are for a maximum of 3 hours. If more time is needed, please speak with an Adult Services staff.

6.7 Reservations for the meeting and conference rooms are for a maximum of 3 hours. Groups or individuals are limited to one time per month if using these rooms after 3:00 pm or Sundays. There may be unlimited reservations of these rooms between 10:00 am-3:00 pm.

6.8 Groups or individuals must sign in and show a valid library card or license at the Information Desk prior to using the reserved space. Groups must be represented by one individual who assumes responsibility for the entire group regarding any damage or misuse of the room.

6.9 Exceptions will be considered by the Library Director or the Circulation Supervisor.

7. Materials and Equipment

7.1 Unless there are special arrangements made to the contrary, the Library will not accept the responsibility for storing materials owned by the booking organizations between meetings.

7.2 The presenter, not the Library, is responsible for obtaining all rights regarding copying, performance, display, or distribution of materials for the event.

7.3 The Library has audio-visual equipment that may be borrowed after training from the Library staff: portable sound system, microphones, television, LCD projector, podium and screen.

7.4 Users are requested to bring their own easels, office equipment, laptops, and supplies.

8. Refreshments

8.1 Food and covered non-alcoholic drinks are allowed when the Library is open.

8.2 If alcohol is to be served when the Library is closed to the public, a one-day permit must be obtained from the Medfield Board of Selectmen and written permission from the Library Director or the Library Board of Trustees.

9. Custodial Services

9.1 There are no custodial services provided in connection with the use of a room. The library staff provides no furniture moving or hospitality services. The group or individual using the room shall be responsible for topical cleaning of the room immediately after the use and the removal of all trash and leftover food.

10. Parking

10.1 There are 25 parking spaces in the rear of Brother’s Market parking lot, limited on-street parking and parking at the nearby municipal lot behind the Avenue restaurant.

10.2 The parking spaces between the Library and the Historical Society are reserved for non-meeting use.

11. Safety and Fire Codes

11.1 No smoking permitted

11.2 No lit candles or other open flames are permitted

11.3 Exits must be kept unlocked at all times.

11.4 Open aisles must be maintained within the seating arrangement to provide clear access to exits.

11.5 Emergency Exits are not to be used except in cases of an actual emergency.

11.6 The Library Board of Trustees and the Library Director reserve the right to determine whether any proposed use of the facility will require a police detail or other extraordinary police protection. This determination will be made after consulting with the Chief of Police or his designee.

12. Publicity

12.1 No group shall in any of its publicity state or suggest that the Memorial Public Library, the Board of Library Trustees, the Town of Medfield or the library staff sponsors or endorses the meeting, the group or any particular set of ideas.

12.2 Groups may identify the Library and provide its address in their publicity as the meeting location, but may not give out the library’s telephone or fax number, or email address or invite potential attendees to contact the Library for further information.

13. Liability

13.1 Group or individual sponsors of events on Library property are responsible for liability of the participants, both active participants and the audience, not Library staff, the Library Board of Trustees nor the Town of Medfield.

13.2 Groups sponsoring events are responsible for payment for all cleaning and repairs which must be made as a result of any damages to the facility or equipment.

13.3 Accidents or damages which occur during the use of a Library space must be reported to library staff upon the conclusion of the scheduled event. (Check List with signature of sponsor.)

13.4 The Medfield Public Library, its Staff and Board of Trustees and the Town of Medfield are not responsible for the loss or damage of a group’s or individual’s property.

13.5 If in the opinion of the Library Board of Trustees or the Library Director the presence of a police officer is advisable, the group using the facility must hire one at its own expense.

Adopted by the Medfield Memorial Public Library Board of Trustees: October 20, 2016