Teens at the MPL

Welcome to all things Teen at Medfield Public Library!  The library is here to provide you with lots of awesome FREE stuff to help you out with life, school, getting into college, or just having fun…so come check us out, here or IRL!  

Medfield Public Library’s Teen Space is a welcoming and inclusive space for ALL tweens and teens!  

This is a space where you can:

  • Read
  • Do homework
  • Listen to music or videos with headphones
  • Play board and card games
  • Hang out with friends
  • Study by yourself or with a group

The expectations of using the Teen Space:

  • Be respectful of the space
  • Be respectful of others using the library
  • Be respectful to staff
  • Speak at a reasonable volume
  • Leave the space as clean or cleaner than you found it

The Teen Space currently follows our general Lower Level Room Use policies – you will need your own library card or school ID to sign in.

If you do not meet these expectations you and/or your entire group will be asked to leave the library.


Check out our booklists HERE. Most are available to download from Hoopla or Overdrive. If you read one you really like, let us know. You could write a review for the Recommendation Station!

If you have any questions or comments, contact the Teen Librarian, Erica Cote, at ecote@minlib.net  or call 508-359-4544 x.8005