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Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Internet service supports the Library’s mission of providing access to a diverse array of information in a variety of formats. The library has established policies to support and promote appropriate uses of its Internet service and to limit potential liabilities in its use.

Research, Study and Vocational Purposes

Internet access computers are primarily intended for research, study, and vocational purposes. Internet access supplements information found in other library materials.

Public Environment

It is the responsibility of the user to be aware that they are in a public environment shared by users of all ages, backgrounds and values. When using the public workstations or their own personal computers in the library, users should refrain from displaying images, sounds, or messages which are inappropriate for a public environment and may negatively affect those who find them objectionable, offensive, or disturbing. Accessing material that meets the definitions of pornography is prohibited. Blatantly offensive visual or text-based materials constitute potential sources of sexual harassment to other users and to library staff and will not be tolerated.

Library Liability

The Medfield Public Library has no control over the information available on the Internet except for the Library’s web site and cannot be held responsible for the content or quality of the information retrieved. While the Internet offers access to many valuable resources, some information found on the Internet may be inaccurate, dated or offensive to some individuals. Users are encouraged to exercise critical judgment in evaluating the validity of information accessed via the Internet. The Library assumes no responsibility for any financial obligations or damages, direct or indirect, which may result from the use of the network. The Library cannot protect its users from information or images which they find offensive or disturbing. Users of the service are encouraged to consult the directory of informative and authoritative sites listed on the Minuteman Library Network home page.


It is the responsibility of parents, guardians, and caregivers, not library staff, to supervise which Internet workstations are used by their children and what information is accessed by their children on ANY computer in the library.

Limiting Time

Internet computers are available on a first come, first served basis. Although there is no set time limit for use, the Library does reserve the right to limit time use. Users working on school assignments, doing research or seeking employment may ask to have their time extended, which will be granted at the discretion of the library staff.

Cost of Printing

Cost of printing depends on the paper size and toner colors used and is set by the owner of the multifunction copier printer.

Illegal Activity/Copyright Laws

The service may not be used for any illegal activity including but not limited to, engaging in any activity that is harassing or defamatory, making unauthorized entry into other computer systems, transmitting chain letters, transmitting spam, viewing or transmitting material that is not constitutionally protected, unsolicited advertising or any form of junk mail. It is the responsibility of each user to respect the copyright laws and licensing agreements of all material contained on the Internet.


Users of the service that violate of any portion of this policy may result in discipline including but not limited to, loss of access to computers, and in appropriate cases, exclusion from the library. Any unlawful activity will be reported to the Medfield Police Department. In addition to the guidelines listed above, users should abide by the Internet Use Policies adopted by the Minuteman Library Network and by other remote sites accessed during the Internet session. Use of the public workstations or wireless Internet access provided by the Medfield Memorial Public Library is deemed to be acceptance of this policy. Approved by the Library Board of Trustees – August 1998 Revised April 2002, Revised May 2006, Revised September 2010