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Thought provoking!

Is our society toxic to our own happiness?  Why do soldiers in war-torn countries have less incidents of PTSD than our own?  Sebastian Junger (A Per...Read More

Now Showing: Paintings by Jodi Traub

Just in time for Spring! We are proud to  host the beautiful paintings by Needham artist, Jodi Traub. Click here  to view more of her  artwork!...Read More

A Timely Story

In Picoult’s latest novel, race relation is explored. Ruth Jefferson, an African American labor and delivery nurse at a CT hospital is ordered by pa...Read More

Warmth for a Cold Day

Another funny read from Elinor Lipman, On Turpentine Lane is a light and delightful story of a woman, her new house, the mysteries that come with it, ...Read More