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An Epic Adventure

This epic story filled with the Greek myths and legends we all know is about the transformation and growth of Circe, the witch of the Aeaea. Attacked ...Read More

A Delightful Romp through Greater Boston in Search of a Prize

Engaging characters set off to follow the mysterious clues of the will of an elderly, wealthy eccentric for a chance at winning the grand prize. Young...Read More

A Perfectly Creepy Halloween Read

This is the newest thriller from a writer who knows how to write a good thriller. Rowan Caine responds to an ad for a nanny, and what looks like an id...Read More

It’s Almost a Decade Old, But It’s Our Latest Obsession…

Before Rainbow Rowell was a renowned Teen Fiction phenom, she published this debut romance that will not disappoint her many adult fans. This delightf...Read More